Friday, April 5, 2013

"The Tools Of A Bully"

Here are a few tools that I have seen a bully use in order to abuse and hurt a church.

1.  Knowledge ~ when I hear an individual who has a verse for every negative comment they make it becomes clear that they are using the scriptures as a sledgehammer to those around them.

2.  Sarcasm ~ any time I hear sarcasm in an individual it is a HUGE red flag of a potential bully. Sarcasm is ANGER with make up on it and it should never be tolerated. It is my number one rule as a people manager. It is used as a verbal attack.

3. Fear ~ when you hear someone give you a problem with no solution and the warning of potential danger is another red flag. People who seem to always be problem oriented with no solutions and try to drag you into their defeat is another warning sign.

4. Harrassment ~ a confrontational individual who seems to always be upset about one area or another is a definite sign. They dominate the conversation at meetings to get an audience to begin to go off  the actual mission of the church and to instead begin to verbally attack the leadership.

5. Manipulating ~ this is probably the most difficult to see when you are dealing with lay people or ministry leaders who seem to be helping the work but are instead destroying the confidence of those following the true mission of the church.

6. Over-reacting ~ so often this is used in a minor problem or issue to cause people to lose confidence in the Pastor or church. This is a tool to eliminate the credibility of the pastor, staff and leadership.

7. Parking Lot Trolls ~ when you see individuals begin to spend more time in the parking lot talking than in the church worship you can be sure they are working for Satan to seek whom they can devour with their words. Gossip is their main tool and this is their way of spreading it.

8. Blame ~ when you hear an individual wanting to place blame. Usually blaming the pastor, staff or leadership for any and all problems that they bring to everyone's attention. There is no problem solving in this blame game personality. Another tool used to discredit their target.

1 Corinthians 15:57 "But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."